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Injury prevention

The only way to avoid the impact of injuries and illness on your staff, workplace and your business is to prevent them happening. That’s where Working Rehab can help you by creating a working environment that encourages safe work approaches and attitudes.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge across many and varied sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, mining, construction, transporting, health and other professional services.

To achieve the best outcome for your staff and their health we will ensure our methods and training are tailored to your workplace’s exact needs. Our services include:

• Worksite assessments
• Ergonomic assessment and education
• Manual handling training
• Functional capacity evaluations
• Job analysis (job dictionary)
• Workplace wellbeing

Pre-employment assessments

Our pre-employment assessments give employers comprehensive information about a potential employee’s physical strength and cardiovascular fitness to evaluate if they can safely perform the work tasks needed for their job role.

Our assessment becomes a critical workforce risk management tool, as employers are able to flag high-risk employees with previous injuries, or with issues such as BMI and degenerative factors. It will also indicate when a job role is considered medium or above in physical demand.

All Working Rehab pre-employment assessments are carried out by our qualified allied health professionals and all the information we gather is treated with confidentiality and protected by Australian privacy laws.

The many benefits of employee health screening include:

  • Gaining objective information on an employee’s capacity for work
  • Ensuring prospective employees are recruited to suitable task or roles
  • Improving health awareness and knowledge of your staff
  • Optimising employee health, wellbeing and productivity
  • Reducing workplace injuries
  • Minimising downtime
  • Reducing WorkCover claims and insurance costs

Our screening options enable us to address key risks against work roles and include:

  • General health screening: blood pressure, BMI, cardiovascular fitness plus audiometry, spirometry and vision screening
  • Lifestyle screening: sleep, stress, alcohol consumption, physical activity, smoking and nutrition
  • Musculoskeletal screening: flexibility; strength; musculoskeletal screening
  • Psychological screening: stress; anxiety and depression

Drug and Alcohol testing

Working Rehab consultants are experienced in urine and oral fluid drug testing as well as breath alcohol testing that provides organisations with timely on-site drug and alcohol testing. Having professional drug and alcohol policies and testing in place is beneficial in providing a safe workplace, reducing the cost of absenteeism and lost productivity and reducing work-related injuries, incidences and accidents.

Drug and alcohol testing methods

Pre-employment - testing prior to employment
Random - testing a person as a part of a random selection
Post-incident- testing a person following an incident or due to their behaviour
Return to work - testing a person prior to returning to work following a previous positive result
Monitoring - re-testing a person to monitor compliance with company policy

Drug classes tested
Amphetamine, THC, methamphetamine, opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepines

Drug confirmations
A drug confirmation (confirmed in a laboratory setting) follows the chain of custody required when identifying the specified drugs in a user. Confirmations are highly recommended when employees return a non-negative screening test.

Following testing our consultants provide immediate verbal feedback of results to relevant stakeholders. Rest assured, we treat all sensitive information respectfully. We provide written reporting that can be tailored to each client’s needs.

Ergonomic Assessments

Our ergonomic assessments are designed to assess and improve your employee’s workstations to ensure they are set up to minimise the risk of injury, enhance productivity and performance, and boost overall health and wellbeing at your workplace.

Conducted by our experienced allied health team, our services range from simple ergonomic assessments to comprehensive consultations for those experiencing pain or symptoms. We can deliver one-off assessments, bulk (group) bookings, as well as a range of training and education options.

As workplace environments are so diverse, we offer a range of options that allow you to select the best service for your business and employees’ needs. They include:

• Observations of task requirements
• Gathering information from workers on their set-up
• Assessing workplace equipment and how it complements work requirements
• Objectively evaluating hazards and risks within the workplace
• Reviewing of high repetition tasks
• Identifying and correcting poor posture through direct feedback and education
• Recommendations for change and ongoing support

In situations where more comprehensive assessments are required for employees experiencing pain or other symptoms, we can engage health professionals to deliver an integrated approach that minimises injury risk at your workplace.

Manual Handling Assessments

Manual handling is the most significant contributor to occupational injury in Australia and globally. When an employee’s job task involves lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving of a load by hand or through bodily force it increases their risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Working Rehab’s manual handling assessments can identify and mitigate any risk factors in your workplace. Our trained allied health professionals have a deep understanding of manual handling risk factors and can assist employers with their serious obligations of risk analysis, assessment and control practices in the workplace that will prevent manual handling issues.

During our manual handling assessment we look at all risk factors which can be grouped into five categories: the load, the task, the environment, organisational and psychosocial factors, and individual and lifestyle factors. Then we review and conduct training to ensure any job or task requiring manual handling is completed correctly to avoid the risk of injury and/or injury exacerbation.

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